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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


"You this Woman! Let go of my shirt"
      "I will not let go of it"
       "Today, you must give me money"
"But I just explained to you about my condition"
      "We also have a condition"
      "A critical one for that matter"
"Woman! Don't make me lose my temper"
      "Of what use is your temper if you don't lose it?"
       "When last did you give me money for food in this house?"
       "When last did you was the kids' shelter your burden? "
       "You go out early and return dead in
the night"
       "You claim lack of money"
    "Yet girls keep thanking you for favours"
     "You this shameless man worthy of nothing"
"Seems you've been destined for beating today"
      "Go ahead! Beat me! Shameless man"
       "After all, that's take pride in asides coitus"
"Thank you, for giving me the go ahead officially. "
"Since I saw the clouds gather, I knew not your rain of beating will fall"
"When I beat the hell out of you"
"Only then will you give me due respect"




*ABONIKI is an ointment commonly found in West Africa, especially Nigeria.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


It's a New day. 🌁
The Sun's Up 🌄

Shall we sweep our houses and neighborhood? 🏡 🏠
Shall we cook our recipes with gingers and spices? 🍜🍨

Shall we wash our dishes and laundries? 🍴👗👖
Shall we make hay while it (the Sun) lasts? 🎑💐

Shall we go all out to tilt and plough? 💩🍪🍍
Shall we go to the market to buy and sell?🍇🍅💵

Shall we go to the river to wash and swim? 🏊🏊
Shall we pay visits to friends and neighbors? 👬👪

Or Shall we just sit still, glued to our phones while it (the Sun) goes down? 🌇

It's a New Day 🌁
The Sun's up 🌄


Monday, September 19, 2016

Ìfée Béwàjí

Béwàjíi mi òwón ò!
Ò bá tétí bèlèjé o gbó ohun mo níí wí
Mo torí ìfé deni àtòhún rìn wà.
Mo torí ìfé f'okoòòrókò d'ókowò.
Mo torí ìfé dásoògbàdégbà.
Mo torí ìfé mórí lé oríleegbón

Ìfé  lógbé olúkòso re òdooya.
Ìfé l'odùduwà fi pilèe ilé-ifè.
Ìfé ló so Dásofúnjó òhun Ànséeétù,
Bóò bágbàgbé, eégún aláré.

Mo torí ìfé re mórí lé 'gbó,
Kí n le peran òyà wá fún o.
Mo 'torí ìfé re mórí lé ódò, kí n le pa àrògìdìgbà wá fún o.
Ìbá se pé kìí sè'fé ,n bá ti móorun lójú páálí

Sùgbón 'fé e re n gùn mí bí égún,
Se ló ń pa mí bi otí.
Béwàjíì mi òwón ò,
Ò bá gbà 'féè mi láàyè,
K'ídààmú èmí mi leè jerodò lòó mumi.


To be Happy.

Sometimes, I just want to sit under our lil Mango tree at our backyard with a cup of Garri mixed with a conglomerate of Chilled water, groundnut, sugar and 'House  mistress' dried fish (only Spedians can decode).

Staring into space, the cool breeze takes one out of this sphere.
Looking at the butterfly take turns on flower petals.
I can only wonder her views about Nigeria's recession.
What she thinks of our Politicians and their daylight looting.
What she'd do with Man Utd's €100Million on #Pogba.
I only wonder, if she has that chatter box that always poke her nose into her affairs.

As I scoop the last spoon full of my 'cassava flakes',
I feel a Feeling.
A fulfilling feeling of Contentment.
A contentment, none other than Satisfaction.
A satisfaction that brings me Smile.
A smile that basks in Joy.
A joy that leads to Happiness.
The same happiness our Politicians seek.
They seek it with wealth and riches.
But wealth and riches buy not Happiness.

So while you wail about your supposed Misfortune.
Why not grab a cup of 'Garri' and a series of 'orishirishi'
And drink your way to  happiness.
It's your life
Don't  live it by another Mortal's script.

Your Boy,
Muhammad Basheer Ishola