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Saturday, December 31, 2016


A solitary light / a shadow in solitude
do not ask for an imprint on the body
do not ask for a trace of the tongue
Taming a stallion is nothing less than crowning the Queen
You demand that grain of wheat found under the throne –
I demand she who bears the mace
No inscription to denote, no relic to possess
only the ability to distil the hunch of survival
We were not passers-by – we did not live in vain:
With this hand I touch,
listening to the psalm of pulsation
intuiting the lesson of eternity
The secret vessels are riddled with cries and spells
The wine urn
shrouds itself in solemnity
The candles’ tongues gutter on the ceiling
inflaming the heart of the suitor
who highjacks the root of fertility with a song on the verge of extinction
This river never mingled with the river
Ever since boats were invented, fishing and the preparation of fish,
and the fruitful bounty of plenty was harvested,
since channels were cut and dredged
this river is Blood, stained with the tincture of history
a land inherited by vengeance
a woman helplessly roaming and roaring in a cave
Was I there – there and then?


A Monkey at the Window

The little boy, playing in bed
while his wounded mother cooks,
is throwing little words and circles
out of the window.
She smiles
(the whole world lights up)
he chatters excitedly - What can he see?
There's a monkey at the window -
behind the door!
But he is falling
into darkness.
And though he never raises a cry
he holds up his claws - this dark
She never taught him how to cry only how to sing.
Happy in herself - just as she wished to be -
she taught him endless space and vastness
and she calls him: Open-hearted.
Behind him a mountain of metaphors
in front a river a mouthful of night
and a train of caravans calling him away.
(Where is that thread
that fire
the skill?)
Running - down an alleyway
he splashes cooking oil all over his shorts this boy!
He wets himself
with laughter
running through Eternity -
through this alleyway
this pack of dogs
the conspiracies of fate!
The solid front door remembers the hand that made it -
You are the key -
and the creak of the universe — it's your sole secret
You lean your dreams and future against it.
For its sake you endure the woodworms
gnawing through your heart
the reek of damp
the hammering of enemies and relatives.
(Long is the absence of light
that paints things awake -
Long is the presence of paint!)
You come home exhausted — from wherever you've been
the wind at your side — just as you wished
toyed with by traumas.
Once he made necklaces from seashells
colouring them with his own fairytales
once he made friends with strange frogs
- and all the while she's watching him
from behind the door /from out the window
(when she runs to pick him up
he will not raise
a cry!)
In the forest the lonely one knows all the voices
beckoned by the eyes of loved ones
their songs are luring her
with their tender fingers
and her own translucent solitude.
She sits in silence
close to every thing
brewing tea
stirring the porridge.
In the garden
of a strange home her home
she welcomes the pots and pans
to the sounds of morning.
Scrubbing everything in its proper place
one eye on the radio
that calls her to those distant sands
the desert.
But her colour flow like a river
so she can sing….
And that boy?
………. ………….
In a green forest
or a red forest
or a desert
now who calls him to Eternity?


A Body

The body of a bird in your mouth

breathing songs.
Raw light spills from your eyes,
utterly naked. 
You must breach the horizon, once,
in order to wake up.
You must open window after window.
You must support the walls.
I let alphabets cling to me
as I climb the thread of language
between myself and the world.
I muster crowds in my mouth:
suspended between language and the world,
between the world and the alphabets.
I let my head
listen to the myth,
to all sides praising each other.
And I shout at the winds from the top of a mountain.
Why does my tongue tell me to climb this far?
What is the distance between my voice and my longing?
What is there?
A body transcending my body.
A body exiled by desire.
A body sheltered by the wind.



Let the wind blow from a fisherman's mouth,
from the span of a sail to the shell of a boat,
unlocking the mouth of the river -
So, shout, drowning man, when you founder
in treacherous waters
At dawn, the river embarks in silence
Riverbanks glean suns from the scales of dead fish
Jostled by eddies, the aroma of flotsam and jetsam
bakes in the shade
Becalmed, a breeze freights the stillness
Sails lazily unfurl
They sail all night from afar,
ploughing the river with ritual persistence,
staring darkness straight in the eye
You set sail at dawn,
infused with the tincture of a heart
that had beached your whole life ashore
And yet, another beloved
is offering you heaven on earth in her glance,
demanding only the perfection of poetry - everything!


There Was a Time When I Loved Alone

There was a time when I loved alone
Without dream or friend

There was a time when your love was untrue
When I endured such torment that

I don't remember anything now but
There was a river ... or a villa ...

You confused my heart so much
That love shrank to a riddle

Yet had I been the slightest bit disloyal
You would almost have taken my life

Time is like the snakes
Devouring jasmine in my courtyard

Who can I tell, this sad evening
How bright the line of fate once was on my hand?


Tuesday, September 27, 2016


"You this Woman! Let go of my shirt"
      "I will not let go of it"
       "Today, you must give me money"
"But I just explained to you about my condition"
      "We also have a condition"
      "A critical one for that matter"
"Woman! Don't make me lose my temper"
      "Of what use is your temper if you don't lose it?"
       "When last did you give me money for food in this house?"
       "When last did you was the kids' shelter your burden? "
       "You go out early and return dead in
the night"
       "You claim lack of money"
    "Yet girls keep thanking you for favours"
     "You this shameless man worthy of nothing"
"Seems you've been destined for beating today"
      "Go ahead! Beat me! Shameless man"
       "After all, that's take pride in asides coitus"
"Thank you, for giving me the go ahead officially. "
"Since I saw the clouds gather, I knew not your rain of beating will fall"
"When I beat the hell out of you"
"Only then will you give me due respect"




*ABONIKI is an ointment commonly found in West Africa, especially Nigeria.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


It's a New day. 🌁
The Sun's Up 🌄

Shall we sweep our houses and neighborhood? 🏡 🏠
Shall we cook our recipes with gingers and spices? 🍜🍨

Shall we wash our dishes and laundries? 🍴👗👖
Shall we make hay while it (the Sun) lasts? 🎑💐

Shall we go all out to tilt and plough? 💩🍪🍍
Shall we go to the market to buy and sell?🍇🍅💵

Shall we go to the river to wash and swim? 🏊🏊
Shall we pay visits to friends and neighbors? 👬👪

Or Shall we just sit still, glued to our phones while it (the Sun) goes down? 🌇

It's a New Day 🌁
The Sun's up 🌄


Monday, September 19, 2016

Ìfée Béwàjí

Béwàjíi mi òwón ò!
Ò bá tétí bèlèjé o gbó ohun mo níí wí
Mo torí ìfé deni àtòhún rìn wà.
Mo torí ìfé f'okoòòrókò d'ókowò.
Mo torí ìfé dásoògbàdégbà.
Mo torí ìfé mórí lé oríleegbón

Ìfé  lógbé olúkòso re òdooya.
Ìfé l'odùduwà fi pilèe ilé-ifè.
Ìfé ló so Dásofúnjó òhun Ànséeétù,
Bóò bágbàgbé, eégún aláré.

Mo torí ìfé re mórí lé 'gbó,
Kí n le peran òyà wá fún o.
Mo 'torí ìfé re mórí lé ódò, kí n le pa àrògìdìgbà wá fún o.
Ìbá se pé kìí sè'fé ,n bá ti móorun lójú páálí

Sùgbón 'fé e re n gùn mí bí égún,
Se ló ń pa mí bi otí.
Béwàjíì mi òwón ò,
Ò bá gbà 'féè mi láàyè,
K'ídààmú èmí mi leè jerodò lòó mumi.


To be Happy.

Sometimes, I just want to sit under our lil Mango tree at our backyard with a cup of Garri mixed with a conglomerate of Chilled water, groundnut, sugar and 'House  mistress' dried fish (only Spedians can decode).

Staring into space, the cool breeze takes one out of this sphere.
Looking at the butterfly take turns on flower petals.
I can only wonder her views about Nigeria's recession.
What she thinks of our Politicians and their daylight looting.
What she'd do with Man Utd's €100Million on #Pogba.
I only wonder, if she has that chatter box that always poke her nose into her affairs.

As I scoop the last spoon full of my 'cassava flakes',
I feel a Feeling.
A fulfilling feeling of Contentment.
A contentment, none other than Satisfaction.
A satisfaction that brings me Smile.
A smile that basks in Joy.
A joy that leads to Happiness.
The same happiness our Politicians seek.
They seek it with wealth and riches.
But wealth and riches buy not Happiness.

So while you wail about your supposed Misfortune.
Why not grab a cup of 'Garri' and a series of 'orishirishi'
And drink your way to  happiness.
It's your life
Don't  live it by another Mortal's script.

Your Boy,
Muhammad Basheer Ishola

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sunnan of Yaom-al-jumah....

Assalamualykum warahmatullah wabarakaatuhu. Alhamdulillah the sun has risen yet on another yaom-l-jumuah.  Here are the major etiquettes of the day;

- Read Khaf,
-Clip your nails,
- Take Ghusl (Ritual bath),
-Put on a neat dress,
- Wear a nice perfume (men),
-Head to the masjid with calmness,
- Listen to the Khutbah with intent,
- Avoid side talk during the khutbah (even if it's the Teslim),
- Perform the Sallah,
- Seek blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
-Be full of righteousness (today and always).

May Allah accept our acts of Ibaadah. Do have a Baaroka filled day.

NB: Today is 10th of Shawwal, have you fasted your six for the month? Congrats if you have and there's still time if you haven't. Cheers! 😊

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A message on Eid.

Alhamdulillah wassalatu-wassalam 'ala rasulullah. Wa ba'd. It's indeed a great day in the life of every Muslim. It's another yaomal eid. A day we go all out in celebrations; old, young, male, female, tall, short, black or white. It's a day we all go and pray to our Lord in appreciation and in fulfilment of his commandments. Alhamdulillah we are a witness of another eid.

The celebration is one targeted at unifying happiness across all class of people. Those that have are meant to be compassionate to the needy. That's the purpose of Zakatu-l-Fitr. It is targeted at making them also have a share of the celebration. No one should be left in deep thought of lacking food, at least for that day. Therefore, it's imperative we all adhere to this and ensure we make eid memorable to the needy. They deserve to be happy, let's not alienate them.

However, As we feast and celebrate, it's important we remember all Muslims across the globe under one form of oppression or the other. They will be celebrating in fear. Just two days ago, a suicide bomber attacked the Prophets' Mosque in Medina. It's unfortunate that the same people that suffer the acts of terror are blamed for its perpetuation. Let's always remember them in our du'a.

Ramadan might have come and gone. Don't let the piety state also go. Ramadan is meant to rectify our affairs of the past 11 months and the next. All the bad deeds we abandoned for 30 days shows that we can do without them. Shaitan is cursed already and needs accomplices, are you willing to keep shaitan company? Imagine working so hard for a month and you get rewarded for it but you end up throwing it to the sea. Am sure you don't want to imagine it. That exactly what it feels like when you go back to your bad ways. Keep up the good work and keep praying to Allaah to keep you steadfast.

Finally, below is a highlight of the Sunna practice by Prophet Muhammad on Eid-l-fitr;

(1)Saying the takbir (Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Laa ilaha il
Allaah, Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, wa-lillaahil hamd)

(2)Giving the sadaaqatul fitr before the ‘Eid salaah

(3)Taking a complete ghusl (bath), wearing one’s best clothing and perfuming
oneself(for the men).

(4)Eating an odd number of dates before going to the prayer.
(5)Praying the salaah in an open area.
(6)Leaving via one path and return

"Taqoballahu minna wa minkum" may Allah accept the just concluded fast as an act of worship from us. Enjoy the your day. CHEERS.

Monday, July 4, 2016

#Ramadan: The final Lap!

Alhamdulillah wassalatu wa-salamu 'ala rasoolullah. It's indeed with great humour I write this post. Many of us were already settling for 'eid tomorrow. In fact, some 'eid ground had already been prepared with sound systems and pulpits already on ground. But as Allah will have it, we'll be fasting another day extra and am so excited about that. Simply because;

-We get to observe one more Taraawee prayer,

-🏽An extra 24 hours for Qur'an recitation and supplications,

-An extra Sahour with its attached rewards,

-24hours more for adhkar and tawbah,

-An extra day to prepare Zakat-l-Fitr.

🤓 So you see it's a reward centric 24 hours extra. Will you let this slip through your nose or you'll grasp it with your molars?

Oh Allah! Bestow upon us mercy from yourself and facilitate for us our affairs in the right way. Ameen.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A quick chat with Akeukanwo Sulayman (Al-Qalam).

In the wake of this week's series of letter writing between Unilorites and The Executive arm of the Students Union, I caught up with the writer of 'AN OPEN LETTER TO MR PRESIDENT... ' Mr Akeukanwo Suleiman and we had a chat. Here's an excerpt of it. Enjoy...

BashSays: Good evening Sir. Kindly introduce yourself to our esteemed readers.

Al-Qalam: Good Evening, Am Sulaiman Akeukanwo Al-Qalam, a student of Faculty of Communication and Information Science, Department of Computer Science, University of Ilorin.

BashSays: Your name came to light on campus this week after your "OPEN LETTER" to the Students Union hierarchy went viral on social media, what prompted this action?

Al-Qalam: I will like to digress a bit. The name 'THE PEN' as been around the campus for a while and with the indulgence of the Student Union President, the newly admitted student were welcomed on campus with the article 'Welcome to Unilorin"
And on their matriculation ceremony an article titled "Happy Matriculation" was my idea of making the environment an academic friendly one to all being admitted.

So the name is one that rings bell but not my full name, which was as a result of the fact that the letter in question will have indeed made no impact, one it is making currently, if it was written incognito. I was prompted to inquire the state of student welfarism because such is needed. We all know what the Student Union as offered us all. And I will like to Inform us all that aside my plea as stated in item seven of the letter, I was only asking questions that needed answer. Alhamdulilah, someone as done that on behalf of the entire student populace. Barrack Obama said and I quote "you will be judge according to what you build and not that which you destroy". Am optimistic that we will all get a reply from Com. Alao Idris Observation. I have known him to be a builder!!!

BashSays: While some have praised your efforts, others believe it's a publicity stunt towards a possible political ambition, how true is this claim?

Al-Qalam : It is not far fetched that we all can not be on the same page as regard issue of this kind. Some will be informed, some will criticise, and some will turn it into a political tussle. This is not a question of political ambition. But one that needed our constitution to be put in play.

BashSays: You were quoted to have said in your letter "Arise oh comrades!...thousands of students United can't be defeated by potbellied administrators ". Are you inciting the Students against the SU?

Al-Qalam: I indeed implore all to stand firm as we await a trying time ahead of us. Please be careful of your use of word. You and I knew I wasn't inciting anything out of my letter but rather making a plea on behalf of fellow colleagues and largely making an inquiry about our play book, our constitution, our ground norm.

BashSays: The SA to the president on media and publicity already responded to your letter, what's your reaction to his response?

Al-Qalam : Yes, I have seen the SA's reply, though to clear the air and to affirm the fact that the contents of my letter are facts and not fallacies, I will react ASAP to the SA's comment, it can never be a reply to my letter as my letter was not addressed to the SA. And his reply was despised of date, salutation and address of the person he his addressing. This is one of the reason why my letter was not written incognito. He has gotten lot of response which depict the SA of being an accident of history. Never the less, I am using this euphoria to advice the SA to try in his possible best not to loose his sanity.

BashSays: What is your definition of students activism/unionism?

Al-Qalam: What is my definition of Student Unionism? That is one of the purpose of my open letter, my definition as being highlighted in the letter and as it has been reviewed by Unionist. I encourage us all to embrace the spirit of leadership as been displayed by the prophet. It is not far fetched, he his the leader of all leaders.

BashSays: Your assessment of the Alao Idris led administration?

Al-Qalam: As at this present time, I will pend my comment on assessing the current SU administration. But am sure we can all read between the lines.

BashSays: Your parting shot

Al-Qalam: Just like i have, via the letter, I am imploring all unilorite never to lose their sense of observation and to never lose our sanity.

BashSays:  It's nice having you on our platform. Thanks for sparing some of your time with us.

Al-Qalam: You are most welcome sir!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A letter to Mr President!

Well,  if you were thinking it was a letter to President Buhari,  you'd be disappointed.
This week started with a bombshell dropped by a concerned student of the  'better by far' university, Unilorin. The letter dated Monday April 18th, 2016 reads thus;

The President of Student Union,
Kaduna Nzeogwu Building,
University of Ilorin,

Mr. President, with great humility, extreme sobriety and solidarity, I implore you to go through this correspondence with great sense of objectivity and give it a swift demonstration. Mr. President, a friend of mine said and I quote “Students' activism can no longer be perceived in our schools, perhaps Students Unionism died with Abacha”. I exclaimed, and been an intellectual, I queried as to why he made such proclamations or rather assertion. My better by far President, He said and I quote: “I have travelled far and wide and I have been kept apprise of all the happenings on Nigerian campuses” and his summary goes thus:
My idea of the Students' Union Government was a union which comprises a group of students with similar goals and objectives echoed in one voice. Alas, my definition or description of Students’ unionism has long been reviewed by the Students' "unionists" as a body comprising of students who delve mistakenly into school politics to amass wealth for themselves, drive around our campuses in luxury van, and live in well furnished rooms despite the lamentable state of fellow student welfare status.
Students' unionism has been typical of an oxymoron because studentship in recent times has dissociated itself from the essence of unionism. It is quite lamentable and laughable that problems in higher institutions brews up as the population of students increases in tens over the years. The offices of students' union officials have become too juicy, leaving Nigerian students in the hands of leaders who are shoddier. Leadership ought to be purpose driven and not that which is backed by financial appetite.
He went further, as he quotes Albert Einstein when been offered the position of Israel presidency, he declined the offer saying “he lacks the natural aptitude to handle official matters’’. The case of student’s leaders in our era today is quite different from what we originally envisaged, as they are sponsored by godfathers in schools' governing council or "over graduate students". "The Over graduate students" are those alumni you see on our campuses who come to our campuses to invest in students' union elections, all these has given rise to mediocrity in students' union government.
The interference of school authorities in students' politics is also a plague to students' activism, the level of tribalism and nepotism that plays on our campuses is colossal as certain positions are reserved for students of host communities. Often times on our campuses there are clashes between school's anointed candidates and the Oba's as the case may be. The palaces have become determining factor of the lives of young students who are christened "leaders of tomorrow". The deplorable state of our hostels, Lecture theatres and other school infrastructures as of today is not only due to the bad governance of the Nation; A portion of it is given birth to by the Student leaders we have on our campuses; As they have refused to speak for the students who have no other choice than finding comfort in bed bugs ravaged mattresses, over crowded hostel rooms, bad toilets and open air bathrooms (student have their bath outside).
Students' Associations in the Departmental and Faculty levels are the most handicapped on our campuses, their objectives are simple - host faculty and departmental football competition, produce T-shirts and collect dues from which a good proportion of the dues collected leave students' coffers to faculty deans and Head of Departments. These faculty leaders ought to channel the challenges of their students to the Student Union Government when they can no longer contain the pressure. Contrary to the objective of a sane students' union, leaders protect their GP's to the detriment of students they lead. Victimization of students has become common epidemic on our campuses where students are victimized for not dancing to the tune of greedy lecturers and sexually voracious lecturers who have revolved their offices into hotel rooms, when these innocent young women die of abortion their families become pained and when their wombs are destroyed, they become prey to their future husbands.
The students' leaders have not been able to tame these unscrupulous elements in the name of academics. Arise Oh Comrades! We must not be dumb or feign ignorance of these plague, thousands of students united cannot be defeated by a few potbellied administrators who know of our plights but have not been informed with cries and demonstrations of angry students who have not enjoyed the true benefits of studentship.
The school is a micro reflection of the larger society and if we fail as intellectuals the society will die. We must not wait on our "leaders" but on the miraculous spirit of "Aluta". Let the unschooled man not say thank God I didn't go to school. We must talk, write and stood firmly on been an objective intellectuals. Let us all sing Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta...
Mr. President, as we all know this is better by far, and as we all bellow for a best by far Student Union, I believe the above claim are characteristics of Student Union on various campuses of the federation less that of University of Ilorin. In making myself more objective I will implore you once again to correspond and deliberate with all other Central Executive Council members, the Senate Council and the Judicial Council to respond swiftly to the following questions as I strongly believe your swift response to them will amount to promoting University of Ilorin as a peace loving university. Before I come forward with my questions sir, I will like to tender my appraisal towards student welfarism as being duly deserved by some of your executive members. The case of Mr. Ridwan Adegbola of Faculty of Law, as it was been attended to by the Vice President, College of Health Science after been beaten to coma deserves an applaud, as it was a display of welfarism at its peak. I will also like to applaud your administrations contingency plan towards curbing criminal activities at Oke-Odo and some strategic places off campus. We implore you all, to keep striving and keep achieving.
Mr. President, my questions goes thus:
1. Invoking Article 5 of the Student Union Constitution, the union is said to constitute in hierarchy, The Congress, The Central Executive Council (CEC), The Senate Council (SC) and the Judicial Council. It is quite unfortunate that “The Congress”, in which its welfarism is the sole responsibility of the Student Union at large as been derided. It is clearly stated in the constitution, that “The first Ordinary Congress shall be held in the first semester and the second congress shall be held in the second semester before the expiration of the office of the CEC” – Article 6A item 4. Why as the Congress being sidelined? Am sure you won’t be wary of the power of the congress as depicted by Article 6C once you are not putting a square peg in a round hole. Mr. President, Can you please tell us all where and when the last congress of the Student Union was being held?

2. According to Article 12A item 5 of the constitution, “The Senate President shall be the chief interpreter of the constitution”. Mr. President, I will like you to indulge the knowledge of the Senate President of Student Union Senate Council, the Chief Judge and the Attorney General of the Judicial Council of the Union as Article 15F item 1 of the constitution gave them the privilege to respond to questions raised against the viability of the constitution. I will be questioning the viability of the constitution as regards the following portion of the Constitution relating to electioneering process :
a. Part II of the Electoral Act, item 10 (II) C – “The members shall be any matriculated students who have spent at least (2) academic sessions”
b. Part  VI of the Electoral Act, item 24 (b) –  States that a person shall be eligible to contest for the office of the President  of the Student’s union if “He must have spent at least (2) complete academic sessions”
c. Part  VI of the Electoral Act, item 25 (b) –  States that a person shall be eligible to contest for the office of the Vice-President (Permanent Site)  of the Student’s union if “She must have spent at least (2) complete academic sessions”
d. Part  VI of the Electoral Act, item 26 (b) –  States that a person shall be eligible to contest for the office of the Vice-President (College of Health Sciences)  of the Student’s union if “She must have spent at least (2) complete academic sessions”
e. Part  VI of the Electoral Act, item 27 (b) –  States that a person shall be eligible to contest for the office of the General Secretary and Financial Secretary of the Student’s union if “He/She must have spent at least (2) complete academic sessions”
Mr. President, Mr. Senate President, Mr. Chief Judge and Mr. Attorney General, Please tell us all why and how the constitution should sidelined some student from contesting even though they are in the same level with UTME Contestant? The question raised in here, is a matter of urgency and one which demand swift, objective and peaceful response as “all Direct Entry applicants of the University” are been obviously sidelined and dis-enfranchised of their basic right to contest for all those posts in question. That is our own view, and we anticipate that you and all in question as to this regard will prove us all wrong.
3. Article 10G item 3 of the Constitution state clearly that the Welfare Secretary Permanent Site and College of Health Sciences “shall ensure that the sanitation in the university be conducive for the health of the members”. I will like to bring to your notice that which is of no news to you sir, that the most provoking toilet facility on the school campus is located in the most strategic place on campus, the arena where at least 50% of the school population take their daily meal – Our dear Bukateria (BUKA).  With great sense of been health conscious Sir, even a dead man will come to live if he visit this toilet. Sir, as if that is not enough, it is of no news to you too that toilets in various faculties are in a very bad shape. I will also like to inform you of the fact that most of the toilets on the campus “walk-way” are nothing but a swimming pool in which you have to swim in your way to put them to use. It is of no news that university of Ilorin Student always go on queue to get anything, Sir, it is retrogressive for student of the “better by far” University to go on queue before making use of the toilet even at the school Central Mosque; On this note, I will be grateful if you can provide us answers as to why the Male toilet of Block 1 (Walk-Way) is always on lock down?  Also, have you not been kept apprise of all this? If yes; why are we still in this mess? Because, it might have not come to your notice that student are now nursing toilet disease despite the fact that they have paid for this services and some are spending more than they should as they have to go off campus to answer the call of nature all because they are wary of toilet diseases.

4. Article 10F item 5 of the Constitution as stated in black and white that the Financial Secretary of the Student Union “shall publish the union’s account as it stands every month throughout the session, and paste such publication on all faculty notice boards with the supervision of the Public Relation Officers” of the Union. Why as this role of this portion of the Constitution not being played by the two offices in delegation? Are there any clandestine and surreptitious motives as to this regards?

5. Article 20C item 2 and 3 of the Student Union Constitution depict respectively that “Thirty five percent of the total revenue shall be used for capital project” and “Thirty five percent of the total revenue shall be used for other expenses”. Mr. President, can you please devour us all with what the Student Union is having in plan as regard this portion of the Constitution? Mr. President Sir, we are all aware of the fact that we were all coerced to make payment for “Sweat Shirts” which am sure almost the entire school populace never bargained for; Sir, are you aware of the fact that we will make such payment beforehand? If Yes, When are we going to have the so called shirt? If No, what have you done to balance the situation as regard the sweat shirt?

6. Invoking Article 20D item 2 of the Student Union Constitution, “Copies of the approve budget shall be conspicuously (evidently, visibly and noticeably) displayed on all notice boards for a period of at least two (2) weeks from the approved date”. Mr. President, You and I both know that this portion of the constitution as not been put to practice. My question to this regards include:
a. When and where was the budget sitting of your administration being held?
b. If we are to assume that there was a budget sitting and this crucial portion of the constitution is being devoid. Can you please explain to us the motive behind why the entire member of the Union are not being breastfeed of this crucial information?
c. If it is not in your positon Sir, as to providing answer to (a) and (b) above, whose obligation is it to have bring to all member of the Union the budget of the Union for the Session as stated in Article 20D item 2 of the Student Union Constitution?

7. Mr. President, I will like to bring you up to speed as regard the issue of nothing more than a hundred and eight (108) duly matriculated student of the just concluded admission exercise of the University, in which each of those student are tagged to have secured their admission via a fraudulent means as proclaimed by the University Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC). Mr. President, as at this present moment, either those student are guilty or not, you have not issued any presidential concern to those who have elected you to sing out their voice in case situation of this caliber surfaces, I presumed that is a blow on your presidency. As I have stated earlier on, they were all duly matriculated and we both knew what that depicts. Can you with great sense of welfarism tell us all why you have kept this under the carpet as if it is not an issue that needs sagacious treatment? Mr. President, as we all know that fact will always speak for itself, I have made my findings and I have been convinced beyond doubts that not a single soul out of the afore mentioned One hundred and Eight (108) student  in question was duly admitted. I made cross reference with Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) database so as to be sure of my sources, and also, I am convinced beyond doubt that Nigerian University Commission (NUC) knows nothing about this student’s admission as it was neither authorized by them nor JAMB; as regard this fact, and as we all know the country at large is in its trying time and as we all are facing corruption to its last root, that it should be uprooted, I am given the University Management an unreserved prestige, kudos and appreciation for laying good example as to the fact they have shown vividly that the acclaimed “probitas doctrina” was not an accident of history. They have shown a great character. Mr. President, you and I both know that the total number of student in question were not involved in the engineering process of this shameful situation. My sources proclaimed that it was orchestrated by some Staff of the university and as at this present moment some have been apprehended. Mr. President, on behalf of the entire Student populace of the university we want you to provide us the full details of all those who are involved in this shameful act as you and I know they want to drag our good name into a dirty mud. Lastly sir, It is disheartened that after series of encounter between all the Student’s in question and the SDC, the fate of any of those student as not been revealed to them. Are they going to be rusticated? Are they going to be expelled? Are they going to continue with their programme? Are they going to be refunded? This are questions I keep asking myself, Mr. President, being a progressive minded intellectual of this great citadel of intelligential I believe you can make a plea on behave of this student, as that is the only reasonable approach for both side in question as to this regard. Mr. President, please liaise with the Dean of Student Affairs, the Dean of each of the faculties each of the student’s in question belongs to, their HOD’s and if possible their Level adviser. I strongly believe it will reap a good fruit. Mr. President, I have been in contact with some of the Student’s in question and I have gathered that some among this student’s if not been pardoned by the University will never see the four walls of the University, I mean never in their lifetime. They are hoping if the university could cut them a deal, place them in the University remedial school or in any of the school programme, or even ask them to go and rewrite JAMB/IJMB, and if they were able to seat and pass another JAMB/IJMB, the University will offer them admission as a price for all the ordeal they have witnessed as regard this issue. Mr. President, I am sure the plea is not going to be something easy, but I will be very grateful if you can give my advice a trial and history will never forget you tried your best even when it seems no way out, and the children and children children, of every one of the student in question will never forget your impact in their life.
Mr. President, like you have always encouraged us all not to be defeated by our sense of observation and as one of your presidential candidate, before you were being elected into office, proclaimed that we should all try in our possible best not to lose our sanity. Sir, with great sense of not being defeated by our sense of observation and not losing our sanity. On behalf of the entire student populace of the University, we request your acknowledgement and swift demonstration’s as regard the content of this pen pal.
May Allah (God) bless University of Ilorin,
May Allah (God) bless Kwara State,
May Allah (God) bless Nigeria.

From a concerned and observing pen pusher, I remain humble and I will never fumble.
Akeukanwo Sulaiman Abiodun Al-Qalam (The-Pen)
300 level, Department of Computer Science,
Faculty of Communication and Information Science,
University of Ilorin,
Ilroin, Kwara State.

What do you think about this letter?
Is it a right step in the right direction?
Feel free to drop your comments below, thank you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016



The growth rate of unemployed youth is exponential annually. It is said that 60% of Nigeria’s population is comprised of its youths and 80% of them are unemployed. Many questions have been asked. Questions of ‘What could be its cause?’, ‘Why has it not been addressed?’ ‘Who is to blame?’ etc. A lot has also been said about the credibility and employability of these youths. For these reasons I took a time out with a couple of them to share their experiences in their quest to be gainfully employed, and here was what I got ;

The “Two Tales”
Coming up first is Bola, an unemployed youth in his late-30’s.He said his pursuit for job has been a case of chasing shadows. In his own words, “It seems there are no jobs available or the job seekers have outnumbered the few ones available. The last application I sought saw my entry to be the 7009th. Technically, I knew I was out because the available space was for 80 applicants’’.

 Tade, a 34-year old unemployed for the past six years. In his own words, “my belief, during the struggle days of undergraduate was the there will be ease after graduation. A good job, nice house beautiful family and a happy ending thereafter was all I pictured in my memory. But as destiny would have it, I am still here unemployed after six long years of graduation. It is so disheartening but I have accepted my fate and move on with life.” When asked if he had tried out some companies for possible vacancies, he said “Of course I have and even can’t recall how many now. They all tell me to look out if I was shortlisted, one which was always futile”. He has however been coping with the struggle of life through the support of his family. He admitted that he was also a contributor to his situation due to his lack of the requisite skill to be self-employed. His advice for the teaming youth out there like him was “Go get a skill to be self-reliant. There are no Jobs out there waiting for you. But if you have got the skills, you need not wait for six years like me before you start acting.”

It can be inferred from the above tales that, indeed there are no jobs out there. It is up to us to start thinking of ways of creating jobs. I know you might be wondering if the writer is in his write state of mind. But come to think of it, the one thousand five hundred naira you spend on your monthly data plan is enough to start a business venture. If you are waiting for the five million naira that will kick start your business on a large scale, am afraid you might be ready to wait forever.
Take for instance, during the nine months strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU) in 2013, I had a sister who was skilled in the art of fabrics and design. The “holiday” gave her a sort of employment as she spent the period getting contracts and delivering them on time. By the time the strike ended and she returned to school, her customers wouldn’t stop calling her for business. This is a skill that fetched her valuable income even as an undergraduate. So you may ask, “Why is she wasting her time in school?” The reason is this, what distinguishes her from other ‘common’ fabric designer is her educational background which is an added advantage. She is more urban and will reflect in her work.
Now come to think of it, if two of every three undergraduate has a skill our problem of unemployment has just been sent to the sea. But it is rather, unfortunate that we all want to work in an air conditioned office dressed in well-tailored Suite and a bumper salary.

Moreover, you think it is a must you work in your field of study before you succeed? NO! You needn’t. Prominent Billionaires of the world did not make their money from their field of study or area of specialization. As a matter of fact some didn’t get the opportunity to attend a tertiary institute of learning let, alone bag a degree. But today, they are the “crème de la crème “of the world at large. This is because they defied all odds to achieve, even when they were obstructed they forged ahead in their quest and they are what we say they are today.

“Heaven help those who help themselves” they say. That is to say that you will only be helped after you must have helped yourself. It is high time the Nigerian youths start looking beyond the white (turn Brown) collar jobs. It is not as if there are no jobs, but the skills required of the job seekers are lacking, hence, the exponential growth in the population of the unemployed. If we are to occupy our rightful position as future leaders, then our sense of creativity and responsibility has to broaden.


Friday, January 8, 2016

An Extra Agadangidi*


                                                              “Give me another cup!!”
“But that is your tenth sir”
“And how is that your problem?”
“Because you are a taxi driver”
“And am I driving now?”
“You better mind your business, Bizi-Bodi**
“Be glad I made sales today”
“Because I’ll pay you up and front”
“Oh! My wife already said am useless”
“And that Bastard she calls my son, I owe nothing”
“So I’ll enjoy myself, all by myself”
“After all I live for now…”
“And not tomorrow”

*Agadangidi: A local wine extracted from banana.

**Bizi-Bodi: A slang referring to a person who pokes around.