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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Poem: Welcome to Wonderland...(1)

A land of peace and harmony
A land of virtuous indigenes
A land of caring citizens
A land of diverse discipline
This is wonderland. You're Welcome!

A land, greener than its leaves
A land, richer than its merchants
A land, larger than it's masses
This is wonderland. You're Welcome!!

A land, with balanced weather and climate
A land, with robust economy
A land, with good Topology
A land, bathed in Oil
This is Wonderland. You're Welcome!!!.....

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A short note to my best pal.

      hope you good? It's only few days to the moment you've been anticipating for, the whole of your life. A moment you look forward to, enjoy and will always remember. In fact,this is the perfect time to mount a horse in your belly,if I so whish. A common feeling amongst sapiens.
         Unfortunately, it dawned on me that I'll be loosing you,to some other man.A man that has come to take you away from me.
Now, I wouldn't get the tasty pasta I always get for supper.
Too bad. Too bad I wouldn't be having the silliest but yet,interesting chatter box chats, deep into the nights,
The collaborative errands,
The wildest fight that ends in an eye blink,
The I touch you last comics,
The cover ups that came with handsome rewards......all these wouldn't happen anymore. You know why? Because,one man has sought to pluck a pride of Barbados in our beautiful flower garden. No hard feelings I will do my own back. After all, scented flowers won't last the garden forever.But seriously,I feel bullied.
        In a wrap, into a new garden, you head,
A new Gardner, you get,
A different water you taste,
A new land you are cultivated.....entirely different from ours. The principles of Adaptation and Tolerance is what enhances steady growth. It is my prayer that  your petal will give rise to seeds that will multiply in numbers. In the end,your garden might just be the hub of prides of Barbados.
                                            Your Best Pal...