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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Make a Happy Holiday!

          Since holiday started,a lot of my friends have kept calling on the confirmation of the date of resumption. Not because they are eager to get back to school,they were already tired of the holiday few weeks into it. Many (including me) were in the KKK (kasun kaji kajeun) category,that's "chop and sleep".So I thought of ways I could get myself out of this category and came up with the following.Hope it works out for you;
   "Say what?",Can't do that"...and lots more were the reactions I got from some folks I shared the idea with. But keeping it real,Craft is really a BIG thing now.Gone were the days  when the art of craft was condemned to the village. Nowadays, it's more prominent in Big cities due to their high demand. I wouldn't see its beauty until I had two of sisters get involved. One did Fashion designing while the other did Beads.When ASUU was away on strike,my pretty sisters were making cool cash under their roof,(with ease sef) .An alternative source of income so you don't have to make that call all the time when you run out of cash. So you more than a student when you return to campus.

   You've spent a long time on campus attending lectures,studying hard etc.This is just the perfect time to cool off, ease out the stress you've incurred over the months (before you return). And I must tell you that tourism is just one way you can do that.You might not necessarily pay visit to tourist sites, a visit to your village could be more interesting than you may imagine. Forget it being weird, see it as an adventure!

          (Someone is about to jab me!) Seriously, this is one thing we engage in everyday of our  lives,as a student. We Facebook, Tweet, comment of friends photos on Instagram etc,these are all mini forms of writing. But,its just about channelling it in a writers' direction. You've just read a news in the dailies and you have your reservations about,write out your mind and share them on the social media ( It shouldn't be all about Akpors jokes).
        Reading goes beyond staring at piece of writing. It broadens your thought, improves your grammar (and can make you more intellectual). It also improves your understanding skill,one you'll need in the lecture theater.The truth is, many of us really have these potentials but our major drawback is our inability to explore them. If you don't know; "A writer is a Righter,An Author is an Authority.If you don't write,how then will you ever be write?" -(Dr.Mahfouz Adedimeji). And a better time to do that is during your holiday. So,are you ready to explore?

      In a wrap, these are my thoughts though and who says you can't disagree? But these have worked for me and some other people, a more reason I decided to share with you to wade off the dizziness in your holiday and make it the Happy one you'd always wanted. Enjoy!